Earlier today at PAX East, Duncan Jones talked about the Warcraft movie and said that he wants viewers and those familiar with the Warcraft universe to ‘feel at home’. In other words, it would be such as in the Lion’s Pride Inn yet he did acknowledge that the movie will “veer from the lore”, though always with the “blessing of Legendary and Blizzard”. Jones also indicated that the alterations would be “in small and subtle” ways and that all felt these changes would make a better movie.The interview continued with Jones defending his choice of CGI over prosthetics for the actors as he didn’t want their faces buried under it all. The use of CGI allows the camera to capture the actors’ faces better.

  • Other topics included how Jones and Blizzard had to reach common ground when disagreeing over the way the film was progressing.
  • The movie is absolutely going for the mainstream, to make a new generation of fans
  • There will be Easter Eggs for fans of the games

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