Chronicles of Elyria: Kickstarter insights

Recently, the Chronicles of Elyria team have shared about a little about their Kickstarter which will go live on May 3 and will show off its first combat build. The team explained their plans moving forward as they build out the team and the game for fans.

Chronicles development team is finally reaching a strong capacity. They have a composer and full character artists working on the game which brings the team up to the core that they needed. The game is being built on Unreal so they are looking at making sure the client will sync up with consoles as well as PC. Those aspects are a long way off as the team continues to build out the world and character systems for now.

There is also another core system that they are considering which is a “contract” system. The contract system will allow players to create their own open trade and economy. Maintaining a contract with fellow players can also generate quests for them, open a bank, or even give them a loan. This free economy will help players work on their own content for the game and allow the binding contract to work among people they trust. During the start of the game, players will begin with a hamlet and then eventually be able to upgrade to a village, or even a full town.