Gloria Victis : New updates

Recently, Gloria Victis was updated and the insights were posts in the official site. The latest alpha build contains a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements including the addition of new dynamic events, the inventory context menu, improved AI and much more.

Other changes are:


  • Implemented new chain of dynamic events near Mereley – attack of the Midlandic partisans at a Northern gate of the fort and chase after them to the camp – and slightly redesigned events occuring in this location
  • Improved behaviors of the NPC mercenaries who support players in the PVP tournament “Valley of Death”
  • Added spawning the NPC mercenaries of a losing team during the “Valley of Death”, even if such team doesn’t control a flag
  • Improved behaviors of the NPCs, such as fighting the other NPCs, sitting or gathering resources
  • Replaced animation of blocking with shield by a player
  • Increased loading speed and slowed down unloading speed of the blocking power bar for shields
  • Balanced the resources harvesting times
  • Made the stagger time dependent on the power of attack and current stamina of an attacker
  • Added safezones around the camps of exiled players

For more information, please click here.