War Thunder’s latest update has been deployed and it includes the first Royal Navy sailing ship called the “Golden Hind”. All War Thunder players can take part in battles with the Golden Hind via the ‘events’ tab in Arcade mode. After initial testing, players will be able to run PvE oriented battles fighting off pirates, protecting merchant vessels, attacking treasure ships, run amphibious assaults and / or attack forts.

‘Golden Hind” – at the moment this ship started out from England she was an unknown galleon by the name of “Pelican” with Francis Drake on board. Back then he was not yet a Knight, but the Queen had already paid her attention to the promising captain. During the round-the-world voyage, the galleon was renamed to the “Golden Hind”. The next time the ship saw British shores was on November the 5th, 1580 with her lower hold full of valuable goods. The “Golden Hind” thus became the second vessel that managed circumnavigate the globe (the Portuguese “Victoria” was the first one). Queen Elizabeth dubbed Francis a knight in the port of Plymouth. According to some sources total income of the voyage made 4700% with most of it going right into the Kingdom’s treasury.

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