Developers of The Tree of Savior have given a few details about the transition from Early Access to free to play. From the 21st of April through the 27th of April, Early Access packages will go on Steam sale for 30% off the normal price due to the shortened amount of time players will have access to the Founders’ server.

When F2P launches, the team will keep the Founders’ server as the only one if and until there is a need for more servers to be added due to increasing numbers of players. This will keep servers full, including the Founders’ server. If at some point in the future, founders wish to transfer to another server, those who purchased the exclusive access will be given a one-time Team Transfer  to do so.

Through our past experience, we’ve discovered what we call an optimal player-per-server ratio to allow pleasant gameplay. After looking at the data, we’ve decided to be more conservative than usual and lower the player-to-server ratio in order to make sure that there will be no waiting queues as we promised.

We will have additional servers on standby in case there is a sudden influx of players when the servers open. An announcement will be made 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to opening those servers in such case.

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