Back in late January, Otherland was removed from the Steam store due to developer Drago requesting that the game be moved to a different account. This might have been prompted by talks to change the game to a different publisher. Ultimately, the move was more complicated than the studio anticipated, but Drago reported last weekend that Otherland should be coming back “any day now.”

The studio gave an update on the status of the game:

The reappearance of Otherland on Steam will still take a bit longer.

Let me give you an update: everything has been already set up on the new account, Steam transferred all relevant data and retained the AppIDs so the switch should not even be noticeable for existing players. While at it, the pricing for upgrades has been adjusted so that upgrading from the Standard Edition of Otherland does not cost much more than buying a higher edition right away.

Now Otherland is waiting for Steam to complete their approval process of the changes and Otherland will back in the Steam store. Since there is only one step left it should be any day now after the weekend.