On Monday, a news that shook the gaming world had spread out and about where Microsoft had announced that they had opened the door to cross-network gameplay between Xbox One and PS4 – an initiative to allow cross-network gaming with other networks — specifically the Playstation Network. Finally , Playstation have given a response.

What did they say?

Sony has responded to Microsoft’s “open invitation,” stating that they are “open-minded” to an online collaboration.

PlayStation has been supporting cross-platform play between PC on several software titles starting with Final Fantasy 11 on PS2 and PC back in 2002.

We would be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play. – PlayStation Spokesman

However, Sony’s response is, as expected, as equally cautious as it is promising. The tech giant has responded to its rival’s news but has stopped short of giving away any real details.

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