NCSoft is delighted to announce that there are now over two million players taking part in the game in just over three weeks of release and in conjunction to that, Blade & Soul players will be happy to hear that the Rising Waters content expansion has been deployed. To show off what can be expected, the development team has posted the official patch notes.

Content includes:

  • Bloodshade Harbor/Nightshade Harbor
  • Mushin’s Tower

Alongside the new areas to explore, new Hongmoon levels, new Daily Dash activities that will run for eight weeks, multi-lingual loading screens, a new skill page.


  • New Hongmoon Skills are available for each class!  Unlock them by using the secret Hongmoon Skill scrolls from 4-member Bloodshade Harbor.
  • All Hongmoon skills now cost 2 skill points to train.
  • New Recommended Skill Builds are available for very class.
  • If you are affected by Knock Down and are inflicted with Stun or Daze you will no longer be able to use an ability that requires Knock Down status.
  • If you are affected by Knock Down or Daze and are inflicted with Stun you can no longer Retreat (F).

The PvP preseason also has begun with a new UI that helps evaluate skills and to earn PvP currency called “Zen Beans”. The team is promising more information to be released prior to the beginning of PvP Season 1.

For more information, please visit their site by clicking here.