The Black Death is an upcoming survival MMO that revolves in the midst of the historical period marked by the plague. Players take on the role of an ordinary citizen trying to survive insurmountable odds as any one of ten classes. The Black Death is said to begin on Steam later in 2016.

  • Survive. It’s not just the plague you need to watch out for. Hunt, harvest or steal supplies to avoid meeting your end in a harsh medieval world.
  • Live. Pick from range of over 10 classes to suit your play style. Fight as a Warrior, farm as a Peasant or even entertain as a Minstrel.
  • Fight. Choose your battles wisely. Time your swings and parries wisely to strike your foes with a unique combat system.
  • Explore. Inspired by the landscape of Western Europe, Plague features a 8km2 world with a day / night cycle, animals and a range of characters to interact with.
  • Buy. Everything has a price. Weapons, armor, houses and more are all able to be purchased throughout the land. How you earn your coin is up to you…

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