Red 5 Studios has recently revealed the contents of the next update for the MMO game, Firefall which is scheduled to hit live servers on January 20th. There is a massive number of changes and new content coming to the game.

Some of the things that can be expected by the players are:

  • Arena PvP mode: Jetball. More modes will be available later.
  • Jericho Holdout – instanced PvE gametype for high end players.
  • Instanced missions with 3 difficulty modes.
  • 2 new operations.
  • Visual updates to some outposts.
  • Battleframe combat update.
  • Modified battleframe progression.
  • Module adjustment.
  • A new upgrade system called Tinkering.
  • Increased itemization.
  • Improved LFG tool.

For more information, please click here.