Recently, Perferct World Entertainment has announced that the 16th content expansion which is called “Awakening” will be launch for Forsaken World on January 20th . Players will enjoy a level cap increase from 90 to 100, a new map, the Ever Abyss, and Elemental Relics system.

Forsaken World’s new map, the Ever Abyss, allows players to explore the depths of the underworld, while battling fierce creatures and participating in exciting new quests. Completing these challenges may earn them an Elemental Relic, a shard of ancient light that once contained great power. These relics can be upgraded in a new gear slot to increase character attributes. When infused with a Relic Spirit, the evolved relic will make characters even more powerful. While traversing the darkness of the Ever Abyss, players can also earn rewards by teaming up with others to defeat three new bosses and participate in new gear instances.

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