StarGem and Gaijin have announced that Star Conflict will be updated today with the new destroyer class of ships. Destroyers will join interceptors, fighters, and frigates. While slow, these big boys pack a mean punch with guns on both sides of the behemoths which can have a special module attached that can, for instance, create a black hole to move the ship to a different quadrant of the battlefield.

On top of the introduction of the destroyer class, players will receive new types of maps – Leviathan is a giant space station where pilots can fight deep inside cavernous halls and navigate through narrow passages, as well as outside of it. Nordstar Crash is an asteroid with the remains of a Nordstar dreadnought in the center of it allowing players to fly above it, around it and set lethal ambushes on rival players. Ambrosia-VII Factory is an abandoned factory on an asteroid. It is a hostile environment of rivers of lava, factory tunnels and secret passages. All the maps provide a perfectly balanced PVP experience.

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