Word is out that a pair of new heroes for Battleborn, a MMO game which is said to launch on May 3, 2016, have been revealed! The first hero is Trevor Ghalt, a shotgun using trap specialist. The second is Deande, a stealthy user of invisibility to wreak havoc on her enemies from the shadows. The article goes into great detail about each one’s abilities and weapons of choice and you can check out a pair of videos showing each one in action.

Out of all 25 Battleborn, Trevor Ghalt was the first. As the stars began to darken and get torn away from the universe by an unknown enemy, Ghalt, as a Peackeeper, a military veteran, and someone’s who’s been around the block, has seen a bunch of those wars and conflicts firsthand. Everybody likes Ghalt and knows him to be a man of honor and respect. He’s a good guy and a good leader.

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