Final Fantasy XIV : Difficulty to be addressed & rebalanced in v3.2

Recently, Naoki Yoshida has responded to a player feedback about the overall evolution of difficulty in several systems between Heavensward’s launch (v3.0) and the current patch (v3.15). As a result, it has been decided that patch v3.2 will address these issues by re balancing difficulty, both from a game and content perspective.

The issues on which players provided significant feedback were:

  • he difficulty was high to the point that players were transferring to different Worlds in search of groups to beat it.
  • The difficulty was high to the point that players were unable to clear the content, and the time in which they were unable to obtain items grew too long.
  • Due to the severity of DPS checks, it’s not possible to supplement with item levels only.

The team recognizes that the overall difficulty in Alexander: Gordias (Savage) was “poorly set” and that it negatively impacted subsequent content. As a result, adjustments are being made to Alexander: Midas (Savage) which is slated to arrive with v3.2.Exploratory missions are also being given the once-over with more chances for exploration to be provided; a better route to match with battle and gathering objectives; more variation in exploration objectives; the inclusion of set rewards that add dimension beyond gathering; and reducing the time and skill required to complete the content.Lastly, Anima weapon creation will no longer be gated behind excessively difficult content, though adjustment may extend into patches beyond v3.2.

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