Gamigo has recently announced that the EU version of Fiesta Online has gone through a significant update, the centerpiece of which is a large number of changes to the Archer class. Archers have been re-balanced and adjusted according to feedback from community. In addition, bows and crossbows have also seen some big changes.

Archer Rebalance

  • All Archer Weapons went through a major damage overhaul.
  • All Archer gear now has increased base Evasion in tiers.
  • The Bonus Damage on Archer Weapons for enhancement has been increased.
  • The stun duration of the skill “Demon Arrow” can only be empowered at level 6.
  • Sharpshooter’s Passive Skill effect has been increased.
  • Powershot will now give knock back effect starting from level 9 (Powershot [09]).
  • Critical Damage and Damage Calculation for Archers has been modified.
  • Duration and Damage of Archer’s DoTs (Damage over Time Skills) has been increased.
  • All Archer skill points have been reset

[WP] December 2015 - Archer Rebalance Patch

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