Star Citizen has announced its next major phase of development with the arrival of Alpha 2.0. Now live, Alpha 2.0 brings space combat, FPS and multi-crew ships into the game simultaneously for the first time.

Some of the other features in Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 are:

  • EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) – drift out of your ship’s airlock and venture into the void of space and back
  • 20+ random encounters – combat and exploration (lost wrecks and abandoned space stations)
  • Quantum travel – travel in ships through the vastness of space at 0.2 the speed of light
  • New flyable ships including the Constellation, the Retaliator and the Vanguard.Large world tech – explore extremely large expanses of space seamlessly, without loading screens
  • Locations to explore:
    • One planet (Crusader)
    • Three moons
    • Three distinct space stations
    • One repair/restock station
    • Nine comm arrays
  • Wreckage to scavenge and never-ending battles in the Yela asteroid belt
  • …and much more

In addition, RSI revealed that funds raised through crowd-funding is now approaching the one hundred million dollar mark and that there are over a hundred million “citizens” backing the game.