The DAUM EU Project Manager for Black Desert Online took to the game’s official forum to reveal some new information about forthcoming closed beta-test scheduled for mid-December.

In addition to the precise dates and times of the CBT, several screenshots were posted to show some graphical alterations made in response to alpha-test feedback. For instance, walking will be included in the closed beta and “darker nights” which you can see in the screenshot below.

In addition to this, several other tidbits of information were revealed:

  • Level cap will in all probability be 50
  • Additional graphic options will be added
  • PvP level requirement being upped to 30 from 20
  • Health potions’ cooldown has been increased
  • Rebalancing of several classes is underway
  • The world map UI has been heavily revamped
  • New skins, haircolors, baldness, new beards options
Several issues that players brought up are not yet addressed in time for CBT1. These include vigor system, trading system, cash shop and summonable open world bosses.
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