Obsidian Entertainment, the Allods Team and My.com have shared about next month’s big Skyforge update that will bring massive “godlike” PvP content into the game when it launches on December 2nd. Players will be able to take part in Pantheon Wars, including a new Pantheon War Tournament with winners sharing in a real-world prize pool.

War’s Onset will add plenty of content for gods craving war, including:

  • Pantheon Wars – Up to 100 warriors from a Pantheon, a guild of aligned immortals, can join the fray against another Pantheon to test each other’s abilities for powerful rewards during battles consist of a variety of PvE and PvP challenges.
  • Pantheon War Tournament – A tournament where Pantheons will compete that will reward magnificent real-world prizes to the victors
  • Class Balancing – Balancing to classes, including the Archer, Kinetic and Gunner to improve their combat efficiency and more.

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