Alexander Carobus, one half of the team that co-founded Realm of the Mad God has announced the release of a new title called “Starbreak”. Starbreak is considered by the team to be a “Metroidvania-like MMO” and is poised in Steam’s Greenlight campaign for inclusion on the multi-games platform.

StarBreak Beta Trailer

StarBreak throws hordes of enemies, massive bosses, and treacherous levels at players in an homage to the best 32-bit platformers of their time. The game’s beautiful, handcrafted universe is a playground that allows dozens of players to complete missions together and explore virtually endless worlds. Survival depends on having plenty of team spirit, nerves of steel, and lightning-fast reflexes.

Take control of four unique combat Shells, each with its own play style, across more than seven environments:

  • Wildfire: Long-range combat expert packing an array of high-tech firearms.
  • Duskwing: Excels at air combat (and ideal for quick surgical strikes).
  • Ironclad: Meant to take a beating and dish it right back to the enemy with a variety of heavy weapons.
  • Fabricator: Enters the fray by creating devastating machinery that can tip the scale at a moment’s notice.

You can head to the StarBreak Steam page to join the community and try the beta on your browser.