Word is out that Dragon Nest KR has released Hero Level, Daidalos Nest Hardcore mode and implemented skill changes for various classes, including smasher, wind walker, dark avenger, sniper, crusader, academic, screamer, dancer, assassin, and lencea.

Daidalos Nest Hardcore Mode

Level requirement: 90
Party size: 1 – 4
Entry ticket: None
Weekly Clear Count: 3
Revive Count: 3

Hero Level

The release of Hero Level allows lv90 players to further level up and strengthen their characters (similar to Hongmen Level for Blade & Soul Online).

Hero Level experience can be gained by clearing the following:
– Lv90 Abyss dungeons
– Lv90 Nest (35 EXP)

Learn more information about Dragon Nest KR’s update by clicking here.