Neocore Games has announced that Van Helsing: The Final Cut has been delayed for the second time with no clear release date projected. It seems that the need for the delay is that the game requires more polish and that it will turn out to be a well-tuned product that would please both fans and developers.The announcement indicates that the playable version of the Final Cut should arrive “soon”.

In all seriousness, the development is not in danger. But it’s not stellar either. We have been looking at the game, and we feel it’s getting close to ready. But that still doesn’t seem enough to us.

Final Cut should not only please the developers, but the fans as well.

In a way the Resistance is right: to be perfectly satisfied with the product, we need the feedback of our players.

So with this the unexpected, but necessary delay, we’re announcing a short period of Closed Beta. You should really sign up, if you think you can make a difference. It will matter to us, to the game, to the players who expect Final Cut to be as great as we envisioned it.

You can also sign up for the closed beta testing and find out more about the announcement by clicking here