Only 5000 players have joined the first international closed beta for Tree of Savior two months ago.This time, the admin has brought us great news that the second CBT will begin in this month, and 5,000 new testers will be invited to the test.

Hello guys!

It’s already been two months since we’ve had our 1st CBT (wow time flies!) and I’m excited to finally share with you some updates we have for our 2nd CBT.
(please note that the following may be subject to change depending on the progress of development)

Our plan at the moment is to launch the 2nd CBT for Tree of Savior in October.
The test will run longer this time, for approximately one month, and previous testers who have joined us in the 1st CBT will be able to join us again, along with 5,000 new testers.

For more information regarding the announcement , please click here