Sandbox Interactive has released a state-of-the-game update to Albion Online.The update gave an overview over some important changes to the development that the team did in the last month, which mainly includes Art Department and Gameplay.Apart from the graphical developments such as multi-character login-screen and the new spells which are the firewall and the firecone, Albion Online‘s development team has spent some time on overhauling the worldmap, tweaking spell effects, implementing emotes as well as overhauling the armor system.

As for the gameplay side, they are also working on Albion Online’s combat system by re-balancing many things and expanding the skillshot system. To top that off,they have also mentioned that a lot of cool new spells are added. Warcamps will spice up the guild versus guild combat in the upcoming closed beta.Also,with the introduction of dueling, an additional playground for small-scale PvP will be offered.

For more information regarding the update , you can view their official announcement by clicking here