WildStar’s servers have been crushed this week under the weight of the increasing free-to-play population. Carbine Studios has admitted that its four “megaservers” haven’t been able to keep up with the influx and apologized for the inconvenience.To address the issue, the studio announced that four new PvP and PvE servers will be added within the next 24 hours:

“Adding these realms will significantly increase the amount of players who can get into WildStar. We believe that this will address the issues above, dramatically improving the game experience, reducing lag, and improving queues. Once we have resolved the current issues, we plan to merge these additional realms.”

Carbine Studios has seemed to be fielding questions about the new servers on the forums and said that any names made on those shards will not be able to conflict with the current population in order to make the future merge more smooth.

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