WEBZEN have announced that the Age of Wulin will release a new expansion on 25th August, named “Chapter 7: Awakening”.

Among the features of Chapter 7: Awakening are the coveted 5th Internal Skills, a level cap increase for combat and internal skills, and new special instances to tackle.

The ancient capital of Luoyang will be the stage of dramatic events, with a mysterious plague threatening to wipe out the population. It will be up to the adventurers to coordinate themselves and accomplish important missions to save the city and its inhabitants, while uncovering the truth behind these troubles. Players will be rewarded for their efforts while unlocking access to the 5th internal skills and the new challenging zones: Jinling Incident and Qiandeng Crisis. These two zones will require players to thwart plans against the Emperor and other Great Xias. These missions will offer precious items, helping characters to reach the 5th internal skills.

Along with the release of the 5th internal skills for existing Sects, Jianghu Factions will benefit from a boost to their own internal skills.

More information about “Chapter 7: Awakening” will be revealed on the Age of Wulin website.