Webzen have announced the release of the latest expansion for Rappelz, their dark fantasy themed mmorpg.

The latest update introduces a new raid dungeon, a party matching system, class re-balancing, skills available for pets, and continued improvements to the game balance.

Adventurers can put their skills to the test in the new raid dungeon. Available through a quest and a special ticket, players will venture to the Parallel World dungeon in order to stop nefarious monsters from wreaking havoc on Gaia. This dungeon will be populated by phantoms and challenging bosses, which can be defeated to amass rewards in the form of a new set of equipment for players, and new soul creatures to add to their collection.

Finding a party has never been easy than with this update, whether for newcomers looking to explore Rappelz’s dungeons for the first time, or veterans seeking another party member for a tough instance. The party leader can create a party and register it on the party list of the interface with the name, level area, and number of members. If players are interested, they can apply and wait for the leader’s approval to be teamed up with the other members.

The pet owners will enjoy a new addition in Epic IX Part 2, as creatures will now have their own skills depending on their specialty.

Many more improvements are included with a rebalance of the classes, the addition of new quests, enchanting weapons effect modification, and much more.

To celebrate the release of the expansion, the Rappelz Team is organizing several events in-game, including login events and EXP boosts. More information about this expansion is available on the Rappelz official website.