Two big additions this week for Call of Combat: the new map Jardin proved to be good enough to release a test version of it, even if there are currently plans to heavily modify it. The reinforcement / respawn mode has been updated with a proper capture and scoring system. It’s more about immediate action than strategy, so it should be a more welcoming mode for new players. Playing the reinforcement mode will earn you promotion points, but it will not affect your efficiency.

Reinforcements game mode?

Here is how the scoring works: Both teams start with a predefined number of points (e.g. 200 points on WW3). Every time one soldier dies, the team loses a point. When the fourth soldier of a player dies, and respawn, its team loses 7 points (so a total of 10 points for wiping out a full player’s squad). When a team owns less victory areas than the other, their points start depleting. The more victory areas the other team captures, the quicker the depletion. For example, in WW3, if a team owns all three victory areas, the other team will lose 2 points every 3 seconds.

More details and updates on the official Call of Combat website.