As you may remember Google actually tried to buy Twitch last year. But Amazon beat them to the punch and Google are responding with their very own new platform, YouTube Gaming.

YouTube gamingYouTube Gaming is a website and App that is designed to be a one stop shop for all your gaming videos under one roof. It’s been announced that more than 25,000 games will have their own pages. This gives us an idea just how the website will be organised. You can subscribe to the feed for each game, and then you will be notified of new videos when they are posted. Just like YouTube there will also be channels for content creators, so you can follow your favourite video creators, and keep up with the official pages of game developers.

Live streams are set to be a major focus, highlighted in the centre of the YouTube Gaming homepage. There are other tweaks and improvements planned for live streaming over YouTube. Including removing the need to schedule a live event ahead of time.

The platform is due to launch this Summer, so there isn’t long to go until we see it in it’s full glory.

youtube gamingGet more details on the YouTube Gaming blog.