Millions of new players trying to access your game at the same time can be a bit of a strain on the old servers. The Edler Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited (ESOTU) team have been hard at work to bring a stable playing experience to everyone.

The main three issues are the login errors, server capactiy, and the queuing system display not functioning. Below is the official response to what they are currently doing.

Login Errors: We believe the general login errors some of you have been experiencing have now been resolved. These errors were due to the overwhelming launch demands on our Xbox One and PlayStation megaservers, particularly during peak hours. Instead of getting a general login error, you will now correctly be placed in the login queue.

Server Capacity: While we have established large data centers to support a huge player population, the millions of active players now in ESOTU may require increased server capacity to reduce queues and alleviate any server performance issues. This is being investigated as a priority for us.

Queuing System Display: Our login queuing system is currently displaying the incorrect wait time and queue placement. This is purely a visual display bug that will be fixed in our next patch—the queuing system does work. Once you’re in the queue, please do not leave the queue, close the game client, or otherwise navigate away from this screen. You will load into Tamriel as soon as you reach the front of the queue.

The team also suggested making a new character on one of the other servers, but that might not help many people, as crown store purchases and characters are not transferable between servers.