For many games if they don’t hit their fundraising target, it’s the end of that project. This isn’t the case for Call of Combat (CoC)! They had a good run but unfortunately fell short of their target. It was a bump in the road, but not one to stop the CoC team! They’ve started a new strategy and hopefully this time they can hit their crowd funding target and bring us all the finished game.

The team had this to say:

Ladies and gentlemen,

As the British forces after the Siege of London, we are once again back in the fight! We took our time, learned from our mistakes, rallied our forces and kept pushing forward. We did not stop, we did not quit. Our game has a working levelling system, where you can actually lose ranks (oh no!); we have a working chain of command system; we are working on a new website, with more statistics for our number-hungry players; we are implementing a new lobby, which will make the player experience a lot better; and we have a new tournament coming up, with unique rewards for the top players.

To those who supported us before, we ask you to once again help fund our game, to make it as amazing it can be, with all the incredible features we have planned. To those who just arrived, welcome to the fight, your support will be much appreciated! To those who could not help before, there is still time to help us. Pledge today!

But that is not all. We do not forget those who helped us in the past or those who help us now. Everyone who donated funds to the development of the game and everyone who pledges to our cause now will be able to choose from our list of rewards, including the game (at an early discount price), additional copies, player customizations and more!

It’s good to see them having another go, it has the potential to be a really great game. Check out the gmaeplay trailer below and head to the official website.