WGLNA Season 6 kicks off June 23rd, but before the fierce action explodes on screen, Wargaming is looking for three more teams to fill out its 12 team format.

That’s right, anyone who thinks they have the skills to compete against the best of the best can assemble a team of seven and win their way into the WGLNA Gold League. Season 6 follows the same 7/54, attack/defense format introduced in Season 5, but a new map pool promises to increase intensity thanks to the addition of Mines, Lakeville and Ghost Town, and the removal of Prokhorovka, Cliffs and Murovanka. Meanwhile, Himmelsdorf has been modified to even out the battlefield with base number two moved to the southeast by approximately 40 meters to help diversify both offensive and defensive strategies.

With only 12 teams in the league this year (as opposed to 16 in Season 5), that gives every team that qualifies even more of a chance to get their hands on the $300,000 being awarded this season!

Registration is now open and closes May 28 at 11:59 pm PDT (May 29, 2:59 am EDT). Head on over to the official website for the full official rules and registration.