With the full launch of The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited just around the corner on June 9th, the official console beta starts today. It’s invite only and a great little FAQ has been released by the team over on the official website. Even though it’s invitation only, there’s no NDA stopping players from sharing their experiences. Keep your eyes peeled for twitch streams and similar!

 What is the ESOTU console beta test?

This is a limited, closed public beta. You must receive an invite to participate. We are sending invites to some of those who signed up for the ESOTU console beta (not everyone who signed up will get an invite).

When is the ESOTU console beta test?

The ESOTU console beta test opens on Thursday, April 23rd, at 15:00 BST and ends on Monday, April 27th, at 15:00 BST.

When will invites for the ESOTU console beta test be sent out?

Invites start going out today, Wednesday, April 22nd, at 15:00 BST, so check your inbox. Don’t forget to check your spam box, too (just in case!). We strongly advise that those invited start downloading the game as soon as possible.

Is there an NDA in place for the ESOTU console beta test?

Nope! There is no NDA in place for this beta test, so we encourage participants to share screenshots and livestream until your heart’s content.

Will my characters from beta carry over to the live version of ESOTU on PS4 and Xbox One?

Unfortunately, no. We will be wiping all characters from the ESOTU console beta before the official worldwide launch on June 9th. If you are eligible for the PC/Mac to PS4 and Xbox One transfer, your characters will be waiting for you on the PS4 and Xbox One megaservers at launch. Otherwise, you will be creating new characters on launch day.

Is this a cross-console beta test?

No, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One players will have their own megaservers—one for North America and one for Europe, respectively. For the beta (and at launch), you will be able to choose which one you want to play on. Characters are unique per megaserver.

How many megaservers are available during the ESOTU console beta test? Can I choose which one I want to play on?

We will have two megaservers for PS4 and two megaservers for Xbox One—one for North America and one for Europe, respectively. You may choose which one you want to play on.

Will we be playing the full game during the ESOTU console beta test, or only parts of it?

Everyone participating in the ESOTU console beta test will have access to the full console version of the game, not a slimmed down version.

Remember, there is no NDA for this event, so we encourage everyone on PS4 and Xbox One to stream the beta over Twitch (or UStream, using the PS4’s built-in share capabilities). We’ll be on the lookout for great streams to share! In celebration of the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One launch on June 9th, we also have a handful of shiny new screenshots to share with you. You can see all these locales and more during the beta and at launch. Which one are you most looking forward to seeing yourself?

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