The Lineage 2 team have just released the official trailer for the upcoming expansion, Infinite Odyssey. Players will be happy to hear the level 99 cap has been pushed up to the sweet 100, so time to get your levelling on! The new rank of Exalted has been added, one step above the current Noblesse. As you would expect, the hardest quests must be completed to attain this rank.

Leona Blackbird and the Blackbird Army, in pursuit of Etis van Etna, the Head of Embryo, hurry to Ye Sagira. When they arrive, an ambush lies in wait. Across the continent, Embryo’s strike teams attack the Blackbird Army forces, who are either slaughtered or taken prisoner.

Attempting to find her captured comrades, she interrogates Iason Heine, but learns nothing from him. Determined, she sets out to visit the all the battlefields where the Blackbird Army battled Embryo. She surveys scenes of intense fighting, but finds no helpful clues. After much searching, she discovers a soldier who barely escaped. Traumatized, he tells Leona what little he can.

Based on the intel she’s gathered, Leona and her team depart for the location of the Embryo stronghold.

Find out more about the new skills, zones, and new boss at the official website.