There’s new stock coming to the Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store! A cartful of friendly (and maybe a tad mischievous) new pets will be making its way in for sale. The new pets will be in the store in-game on April 9th. More great Crown Store items on the way, so keep your eyes peeled for new previews soon.

The new pets are:

The Banekin; These vicious little Daedra struggle against their masters, always trying to escape their bonds to cause chaos and destruction. If you like causing chaos and destruction, it just may be your ideal companion! Take our advice and leave it outside when you visit the tavern, though.

The Bravil Retriever; The Bravil Retriever is a master skeever-hunter, a strong swimmer, and clever to boot. They may be a bit difficult to house-train, but who cares when you’re always on the road?

Scamp; Mages pull these small Daedra out of Oblivion every day to serve as messengers and perform simple tasks. Make sure to keep a close eye on yours, though—they’re known to cause no end of trouble when left to their own devices!

The Shornhelm Shepherd; This proud creature was bred for its strength, speed, and unshakable loyalty. Often trained as guard dogs, Shornhelm Shepherds will fiercely defend their master and domain, even to the death. Any hero would be lucky to have such a companion.