Reverie World Studios has announced the early Access release of their new RTS title Kingdom Wars II: Battles. It boasts epic storytelling, complex crafting, and a card game to a real-time fantasy themed strategy. Complete with brutal skirmish siege combat and complex city-building. Players will wage total war across beautiful, yet gory battlefields; in episodic story campaign, mmo skirmish and coop modes.

Early Access is now available at the official website and on Steam.

“We would like to invite players to work together and make Kingdom Wars II: Battles into a strategy game masterpiece,” said Konstantin Fomenko, Reverie World CEO.

“Now that Kingdom Wars II: Battles has a solid foundation in place, and the game is already a lot of fun and stable; We think that the time is right to get the Steam community involved. Over the following months, we will work together, and your combined player feedback will determine what the team works on, and what features we add.

Our team will do everything in our power to open up the development and commit to weekly updates. We plan to talk with our players directly in-game and read and reply to almost every forum suggestion and reports. Players will be asked to vote on features proposed by other players, and our team will do our best to add most desired ideas, and features in-game.”