Patch 5.6 is here and Riot have confirmed that it continues with the buff theme of patch 5.5. Bard is the latest champion and as you might expect he’s getting some tweaks to hopefully get him just right.

Bard’s been out for less than a patch, and while we’re already seeing the growing pains of players and teammates alike coordinating around his unique abilities, it’s clear he released on the wrong note. We’re taking it slow for now, but some more power on Q and some improvements to his signature E means that you’ll have a better time on your Magical Journeys this patch…assuming bard isn’t too busy collecting chimes to open one for you.

Textures continue to be updated which is great, when the gmae is constantly updating with new champions the old models can get left behind. Kayle, Lee Sin, Pantheon, Rumble, and Ryze get the makeover this patch.

A handful of item and map tweaks, the full notes can be found here.