In a battle of tanks accuracy is one of the most important attributes and with time people were getting just a little bit too accurate. The latest update to accuracy in World of Tanks is intended to balance out a higher rate of “impossible” shots that people were able to land without fully aiming, or even while on the move! It’s not a huge change, but should be enough to be noticeable over a few games.

In terms of gameplay, there will be fewer instances of players managing to land “unbelievable” shots. For example, shots against weak points without being fully aimed, while firing on the move or at great distances are less likely to be successful. With surprise shots being less effective, letting the aim circle fully focus will give players a higher chance of landing accurate shots.

The chances of hitting the “bull’s-eye” while not fully aimed has decreased but not by much. The reworked accuracy system will make armor thickness more relevant on the battlefield again. Heavy tanks should experience increased survivability, being able to use their HP pool more effectively and ricochet more incoming fire.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your shot, be sure to let your accuracy reticle reach full focus!