World of Tanks is a game that is continuously worked on and has come a long way since it was first released. The development team has been working on some big things and sometimes development takes a few different paths before reaching an end result. Physics is one one of those paths, and an important one, at that. If it’s done well, a game will be a lot more fun and likewise if it’s done poorly it’s time wasted.

Currently, some adjustments to the physics model are being made that will greatly influence how tanks move across terrain, or with each other. And while the team admits they are still several months away from being finished, they are eager to share their thoughts and progress looks like so far. They are also running public testing of the new physcis until March 2nd, any players that registered before February 12th can take part.

Take a look at the videos showing off the work so far and go here to find out more about the public tests.