Valencian studio Arpic Games is introducing all the ships that will be available for their player’s first steps in the Beta for Starriser, just like they did for the Alpha version of their much awaited space themed MMO. There are new units to build a space armada, joining the old players’ favorites.

These new models fill in new gaps in the fleet, with different ship classes to cover players’ needs. The new strategic choices these allow open up new gameplay options and improve the playing experience. Thus, Starriser settlers can go for maneuverability and versatility with a fleet heavy on Light Fighters, or command epic battles aboard gigantic ships such as the Cruiser in their quest for universe domination. This new fleet opens up a wide array of options and styles that will surely suit any type of player, and provide them with a unique experience. From traders to conquerors, all players will have unlimited choices when building their fleet and planning the expansion strategy for their space empire.

This new ship pack will be available for all users joining Starriser’s Beta version, and all players who already joined the alpha will automatically have them available. Play for free here.