One month ago, a Freaks 4U Gaming project, announced the cooperation with MLG to realize the biggest Dota 2 league format worldwide in 2015. On 24th January season five of joinDOTA League is ready to begin. Since the sign up started, joinDOTA was able to record over 1,350 team registrations. The registration deadline for the new season will be running out on Monday, 19th January at 14:00 CET. If you want to get involved you still have time to sign-up here.

More than $75.000 for joinDOTA League Season 1 Championship
As joinDOTA League season 5 is about to begin, joinDOTA MLG Pro League season 1 starts simultaneously. This new league format replaces the former division 1 of joinDOTA League. Within that format all three server regions will have their best teams fight for one of six spots in the joinDOTA MLG Pro League season 1 championship event. Three of them will be seeded in Europe, two in America and one in the Asian server region. This tournament will be held offline from 10th to 12th April 2015 at MLG Arena, Columbus, Ohio. $75,000 plus twenty percent ticket shares will be awaiting the participating teams. Season 1 will include top flight teams from each region; with EG, Fire and NoT from the Americas, Alliance, VP.Polar Empire from Europe and G-Guard, Invasion and MVP. Phoenix from Asia, just some of the teams to feature in our inaugural season.

Prize money distribution
1st Place 40 % ($30,000)
2nd Place 25 % ($18,750)
3rd Place 15 % ($11,250)
4th Place 10 % ($7,500)
5/6th Place 5 % ($3,750)

On 24th of January the joinDOTA broadcasting staff including the globally famous Toby ‘TobiWan’ Dawson will cast the first joinDOTA MLG Pro League games. You can watch the stream here.