With as many changes as the Riot team made in their recent 4.20 patch everyone was expecting another big update. We haven’t been let down. Patch 4.21 brings a whole host of fixes, patches, and quality of life improvements. Including character balancing, user interface improvements, and even a new sound track for the Summoners’ Rift (although you can still listen to the old song if you prefer).

Rek’Sai was announced as being released later in the patch, well she’s already here and she’s kicking butt like a land shark should do!

There are seventeen categories of change and Riot has the full official patch notes here.

So far the tweaks and small character reworks seem to be balancing out quite well. There is a lot more champion variety being played now in patch 4.21.

Riot have also released the full champion spotlight for Rek’Sai, enjoy below and see you in the League!