Steam Broadcasting is making it’s way onto the gaming scene, and obviously it’s aready being compared to the current big dog in the live streaming arena, Twitch tv.

Streaming with Steam is quite straight forwards, you can invite friends to watch your game, you can view friends who are broadcasting via your friends list and there is also a sub-section in the community tab for broadcasting. This is where you will find lists of games being broadcast by random users on Steam.

If you want people to watch you play then you need to simply opt-in to the broadcasting. You have privacy controls too, so you have some control over who can jump in and spectate your play.

steam broadcasting

Valve have made Steam Broadcasting easy to use but there are a few obvious differences to the Twitch streaming that many are accustomed to. Right now there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to broadcast and make money with Steam, and there is no option to have a webcam image also streaming so viewers can also see you.

If you want to try Steam Broadcasting now then you simply need to opt-in to the beta client. In the Steam client main menu, select Settings > Account and change your “Beta Participation” to “Steam Beta Update”. What are your thoughts on the new broadcasting?

steam broadcasting