Nexon Europe have just announced that their popular FPS Combat Arms will be receiving a host of cool new content with the arrival of the November update. From the end of month, players will be able to experience a thrilling new Fireteam PvE map, play as a new female character, and get their hands on a new diverse range of rare weapons and items.

The new Fireteam map, ‘Outpost 31’ is set in an isolated Antarctic research facility besieged by a massive snowstorm. It sees Warcorp operatives on a crucial mission to retrieve valuable data from the shady Trilobite Energy Corporation – data that could prove catastrophic if left in the wrong hands.

Obtaining the data won’t be an easy task, as a paranormal new enemy stalks the hallways of the facility: Abnormalities. Once human, now warped and twisted from prolonged exposure to psychic research experiments, their only purpose in life is to put an end to Warcorp’s mercenaries. If players successfully manage to make their way to the heart of the facility, a powerful Boss Abnormailty will lay waiting for them.

Outpost 31 also has two additional features previously unseen in a Fireteam map. The first of which are TEC Coins, which will be dropped when TEC Officers are taken down. Players can use TEC Coins to spin the Wheel of Fate, winning an assortment of rare items, including GP. TEC Officers will only appear on Hard and Extreme difficulty, so teamwork is of the utmost importance.

The second new feature is the Bonus Mission. When playing on Extreme difficulty, players looking for an extra challenge can choose to activate a laptop in the facility. Doing so will trigger new objectives that significantly ramp up the difficulty level.

In addition to Outpost 31, the new update throws a new mercenary into the fray, Ophelia (aka Lollipop). Recruited by Warcorp for her expertise in rescue and evacuation, Ophelia once served as a helicopter pilot with the JSF Eastern Asia Dispatch. Her vigorous and confident personality meant that she was the definition of professional. However, she was dishonourably discharged after disobeying an order to attack a residential area where terrorists were embedded.

“Ophelia is the second new female character we’ve introduced to Combat Arms in the past two months. The team put a lot of effort into crafting these new characters, and we really hope the Combat Arms community will like them as much as we do” said Jason Han, Product Manager at Nexon Europe.