The Riot team are now well known for using their preseason to bring in as many changes and balances as they can. It makes sense as the competitive season is over and in the run up to he holidays the League of Legends is further tweaked and tinkered with to bring the next year in with some punch.

It’s patch 4.20 and it’s probably one of their bigger updates so far. There’s the new carry Kalista, a whole host of in game balances like new items, new item paths, and the new Summoners Rift visuals and map changes to name a few! If you want a breakdown of the preseason changes, the new additions to items etc you should go here. Personally I love the sound of the changes and can’t wait to see how they play out in live games over the next few weeks. The changes to the jungle have to be my favourite, the League should start seeing more variety with jungle picks and teams should start playing with more tact to secure buffs.

Preseason Spotlight 2015 | League of Legends

There are a ton of updates broken down in the official patch 4.20 notes.

If you’re like me and forget to use your active items from time to time there is now a handy icon above your hp/mp, making it much easier to remember which key they’re on and to see their cooldown. Al lchampions have had their base stats and multipliers changed, so there is a host of big and small changes. Maokai players will be happy as the big tree just got a nice visual upgrade too.