Shards of War is a new MOBA, it’s in sci-fi setting and unlike other MOBA games Shards of War uses a WASD control system to move your character. You can head on over to to sign up and play.

  • Traditional 5 vs. 5 PvP MOBA gameplay
  • Science-fiction based, unique setting
  • Lots of action and intuitive controls through top-down navigation (WASD)
  • Item upgrades and crafting
  • Loadout system (Opportunity to choose from a pool of different items before the match)

Some three years ago we wanted to create our own version of a MOBA game. We wanted something that would clearly distinguish itself from traditional run-of-the-mill medieval/magic/fantasy games and add a fresh spin. We wanted to equip our Sentinels (the characters you are playing) to wield big friggin guns, wear high-tech armor and use futuristic abilities.