Lifeless is a multi-player FPS zombie survival game. In Lifeless, you have to do whatever is necessary to survive in a vast and dangerous world, filled with challenging and intelligent zombies. Working with other players is a smart choice, though attacking other players has its place as well. Lifeless strives to offer an experience that no other zombie survival game has yet to offer. If you want to stay alive, you’ll need to think on your toes and make intelligent decisions; decisions which affect not just you, but everyone around you, players and NPCs.

Today Rigid-Soft Studios released the first public Alpha build. The game is ready for purchase and there are two options; A standard option at $25 to play the game and receive all future updates, or a deluxe edition at $40 with some extra perks.

We originally intended Lifeless to be free-to-play but after exploring it a little more, we decided it would be best to just make it a one time purchase. This is for several reasons but the main ones being the cost of server maintenance, support and development. The other reason is because we quickly realised we would have to turn Lifeless into a pay-to-win game if we even wanted to survive the first month with all the costs and that is something we are strictly against!

I’m always happy to hear when developers are against pay to win, it’s a veritable gold mine but makes games life-less pretty quick (pun intended, couldn’t resist – ex). I think much more people are likely to play with a one time purchase, compared to monthly subs or micro transactions (pay to win).

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