The BISBOG Group just announced a stellar new game play element for Astro Lords: Oort Cloud, their free-to-play science fiction MMOG. Alien bases are now available for players to discover, battle and defend against incoming attacks. Alien starbases and ships are powerful adversaries, possessing advanced weaponry and tactics, and are prepared for vicious battle with the Astro Lords. They’ve already begun raiding bases throughout the Oort Cloud and players should be on-guard, if not proactively seeking out alien territories via spies or radar.

In addition to these powerful new adversaries, Astro Lords also recently added new trade stations, where players can deal in ammunition, microchips and credits.

Claire Baert, Project Manager at BISBOG, said, “Alien bases and trade stations are just the first in a series of new gameplay elements to be introduced to Astro Lords over the coming months. These new features will keep players on their toes and ensure that the Oort Cloud remains an unpredictable and exciting place to explore.”

In Astro Lords, players build their own asteroid bases, send spies out to enemy territory, and shoot at other spaceships in drag-and-click arcade style PvP combat. These combat mechanics will appeal to anyone who loves arcade shooters like Space Invaders or artillery games like Worms.

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