Stormfall: Age of War is a MMORPG real time strategy game that can be played from any web browser, and it will take you to a fantasy world in which players direct their own castles and fight amongst themselves. In the dark realm of Darkshine, players will face is to control the Stormfall Empire, which has been ravaged by war and whose people just want stability and a leader who will lead them to peace and prosperity. Now, Oberon Lord has entrusted the task of climbing position and give players the champion they deserve.

This free MMO focuses on strategic and tactical combat in addition to building and managing your own castle. Within the walls of their castles, players can build a huge selection of buildings, from farm crops, through iron mines, barracks and workshops. The resource management is the key to success, and what players cannot create for themselves they should get by trading, settlements or occupying neutral conquering rival territories. Alternatively, players can choose a peaceful path focused on trade and diplomacy, with which they can also achieve their goals.

Players can join and form a league, which will give them incentives to trade with each other and allow it to help achieve common goals or protect them from enemy attacks. The leagues will face each other to prove their strength and compete to be the most powerful, to get great rewards and benefits. To join a league will have to be at least level 16, and to create a league you have to be level 30 and pay 1000 sapphires.

Sapphires can get to level up by completing quests, entering the game for several consecutive completing achievements and challenges, being in the highest positions of Ranquines. Sapphires are the premium currency of the game, and can be purchased with real money, which will give several benefits as bonuses to your resource production, increase the speed of construction of buildings, increase the size of construction sites within a castle and even acquire unique combat units.

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