Armored Warfare, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more. Obsidian Entertainment & have released a new trailer.

In Armored Warfare, arms suppliers are independent dealers who are willing to sell vehicles from their catalogues to players that lead their own military corporations. However, they are not going to offer arms to just anyone. Players need to build up their reputation with the dealer through victory on the battlefield; only then will they have access to the most powerful machinery.

Aside from dealer branches, vehicles will also be combined into blocks that share a common parameter, such as country, region, class, manufacturer, role in battle, play style, armament, etc. Players will always have access to the first vehicle of all dealers (the starting block) once that dealer is unlocked, but all other blocks for that dealer must be unlocked. This unlocking could require that certain achievements be completed, such as defeating a certain number of enemies with a particular tank, or inflicting a set amount of damage with a given weapon. This will prove your worth to the dealer, and they will unlock a new block of vehicles, where each vehicle can be subsequently unlocked.

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