Webzen have released their latest brand new class for Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9). A new advanced class for the Mystic, the ERTA is now available for C9 actionists. The ERTA is an aerial juggler who excels at dealing damage with quick, powerful melee attacks. She’s also very mobile, able to deceive her enemies with lightning-fast dashes.

The ERTA mainly utilizes Stance Change and Teleport skills. She can execute powerful combos by switching between ranged and melee skills with Stance Change. Also, she can use Teleport and Link to move instantly for a trick attack on the enemy. Her primary weapon is the Chakram, a throwing weapon which is circular in shape, with a sharpened outer edge to slice through enemies.


To celebrate the launch of the ERTA, C9 team launched the video contest, “C9 PVP Combo Movie Festival” which will run until the 22nd of July (UTC). C9 players will be able to submit their Youtube videos showing off their PVP combos to win cool prizes, including Songkran Gear, Jaffard Gear, Medical Gear, and many others.

Additionally, from now until July 29th, 2014 (UTC), if your character with the ERTA reaches level 65 or above, you will be able to receive a special reward “Auspice” only for the ERTA.

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